Taking a Moment

Yesterday I was driving down a busy road, when I took a moment to pull over and look at the lake. I got out of my car. I took some pictures.

Behind me the traffic whizzed along, but the sounds faded to white noise as I drank in the calmness of the lake. I didn’t stay long. But those few minutes did something for me.

Later, I headed into Provino’s to place a “To Go” order. Full disclosure: this constituted taking dinner to my parents. Sad, I know. Sometimes I do cook a meal for them. Sometimes. (Often, my mom cooks for us! She is still a great cook!) But  to get back on track here. . .

While I was waiting, I wandered over to Starbuck’s. I treated myself to a cup of decaf and a few minutes of just sitting. Let me just say here that this does constitute a treat for me. Now that I am not working full time, Starbuck’s is a treat. Not a huge treat. More of a medium-sized treat, but a treat nonetheless.

At any rate, these moments during my day, sitting, just sitting–at the lake, at Starbuck’s–did something for me. I need to be really honest here. (Kind of like I was about the non-home-cooked meal for my parents.) It is easier to take  these moments now that I  am retired. Okay it is a lot easier. A whole lot easier.

But I did take them then, sometimes, occasionally. . . they soothed me, somewhat.  They let me go back to my busy life, a life I loved, but a life full of challenges–just as everyone else’s life is–restored and inspired. And they also brought me back to myself.

When I was working on Winter Wish, I took moments like this a lot. Moments, and days, and parts of days, to be still, to daydream, to reflect and write. Now I’m not working on a book. But I still need those times! It seems like the harder it is to find the time to take a few minutes for myself, the more I need that time. This time of year is a pretty darn good example of a hectic pace. (You think?) So I guess that means I need those times more than usual.

Okay, now I have to figure out how to “insert media” without any help from my friend, Mary. Gulp. Here goes! They may be too big, or too small, or in the middle of words. . . I am going to try!lakelake 2

About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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8 Responses to Taking a Moment

  1. Helen Jones says:

    Great post and reminder for all of us to slow down and take time to just breath. Thank you Dixie for your insights. By the way, I picked up Winter Wish yesterday and am looking forward to reading it. 🙂

  2. Pauline Camp says:

    Very nice Dixie!

  3. I just realized you had started a blog. Great thoughts and I look forward to more to come.

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