Sounds Outside my Window

window pic     It’s raining this morning. Hard. It’s the kind of day that makes you want to pull a soft, warm blanket around you and stay on the sofa. Or in the bed. In the bed would work, too.

It’s not that kind of day though. It’s a day that holds some getting out and about. Things I need to do and want to do. But for right now I am enjoying just listening.

Hearing the rain this morning made me think about how much I love to listen to certain  outdoor sounds if I am indoors. Certainly rain is one of them. Light, steady rain, or sheets and torrents pounding on the house.

Thunder, too, when it begins to rumble in the distance. And trains. I wish we lived closer to the train tracks like we did when I was growing up. We can still hear trains where we live now, but not quite as well.

I also enjoy the sound of the high school band practicing, or playing at a football game on a Friday night in the fall. We hear that amazingly well from where we live. If we drive closer to the school, we can hear our friend Frank’s voice, as he announces the game. (If we’re not in Marietta hearing our friend, Hap, announce that game!)

There is an owl in our back yard who begins to call just as it’s getting dark every day. My husband and I have started calling him “our owl.” He feels like a bit of a neighbor.

These sounds, coming from outside, make it seem cozier inside. I open the windows and let them in even more.

I am grateful for shelter. For a roof and a blanket. And for the sounds outside my window.

About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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