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My last blog post was short, but this blog post is really short! This post is just to say a little about my book, Winter Wish, because tomorrow and Wednesday (Feb. 18th and 19th), it is free on Kindle. If anyone is interested, it’s sort of a YA book, sort of a coming-of-age book, set in the north Georgia mountains. Here is a little about it:

What’s in a simple wish? That’s what eighteen-year-old Jessie would love to know. When she wishes upon a star on a cold January night before her final months of high school, she is hoping to find out just where that star will point her. All she really wants to do is stay near her beloved north Georgia mountains, where she has plenty to do taking care of her widower father; talking sense into her needy friend Camille; and spending time with her boyfriend Sean. However, when a dark-haired stranger comes to town, Jessie’s fate changes in ways she could not imagine. And when she finds herself threatened in the same mountains where she once sought refuge, her life is turned entirely upside down.

When I began writing this book three years ago, one of the things I enjoyed was thinking about what it might be like to live in one of the small towns in the mountains in Georgia that I love to visit. So of course, I just had to plan some extra trips up there to “research” the setting! 🙂 I made up the town, but it’s sort of a composite of several places I have loved going to ever the years. A part of me does really wish that I lived some place like the town of Wendall. . . but our home is here, in Marietta.

Lately I have been busy, I mean like really busy, busier than usual. I find myself longing for a trip, just a little one, to the mountains. Ah well, it will have to wait. In the meantime, I will read, at night, when I finally have the time.

I hope you are reading something you enjoy! If you have any interest at all in this book, Winter Wish, you can click on the “Order” link at the top of this page on February 18th or 19th, to go directly to Kindle and download the ebook, or just go directly to Amazon. Whatever you are reading and whatever your real-life setting is, I hope you are enjoying it. Happy reading to you! And thank you for stopping by my blog! I appreciate it so very much! (Many thanks to Johnny Walker for the beautiful photo!)


About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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15 Responses to Winter Wish Book News

  1. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you, Patty-thanks to Johnny Walker!! 🙂 See you tomorrow!

  2. bkpyett says:

    It was wonderful to read a couple of your posts and to hear that you have completed you book.
    At present I don’t have a kindle, but it sounds a generous gift for you to allow people to have your story for free. I love the sound of it! It’s inspiring to read of other authors (I have only one published children’s book, so do I call myself an author?. An aspiring author might be more correct). I wish you good health and many more stories!
    Barbara in Australia

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Barbara, thank you so much for reading my blog posts! I look forward to visiting yours! That is wonderful that you have a children’s book! You are definitely an author! What is your book called? Thank you for saying you liked the sound of my book. It was only free a couple of days recently as part of a promotion Kindle Lets you run if you choose to make your book Kndle Select. A lot of people downloaded it on those days, but I have no idea if they will ever read it! Ah well. . . Thank you again for your kind comment.

      • bkpyett says:

        Thanks for the update. Shall be interested to hear how it goes. My book is called ‘Lily’s Wish’, a Christmas picture book published by New Frontier Publishing P/L 2011. It is about a little girl writing to Santa. Her wishes are not materialistic, wanting to fly; to be able to fly to visit her grandmother. It is quite a small publishing house, but I like their ethics.

      • Dixie Minor says:

        Your book sounds wonderful! Congratulations on getting it published and on finding a publishing house that you like so much!

      • bkpyett says:

        Dixie, I was very lucky to get that book published, but am having difficulty getting anything further published….so far! It seems they prefer younger writers, but I’m not giving up!!!

      • Dixie Minor says:

        No, don’t give up! What else are you trying to get published? Is it another children’s book?

      • bkpyett says:

        Dixie, I have a memoir, and many children’s books. Must admit I haven’t been trying, ideally it would be great to find a literary agent! They are few and hard to find, I think….
        Then there is self publishing.. so much to learn and find out, it all takes time. You published with Amazon, did you? Can you tell me about that please? My e-mail is
        In case you have time?

      • Dixie Minor says:

        Yes, I will email you.

      • bkpyett says:

        Thanks Dixie, I look forward to your e-mail, but please excuse me if I don’t answer straight away as my computer won’t let me send at the moment. Hopefully I’ll get the help needed tomorrow to fix the problem…

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Barbara, I enjoyed your blog posts very much! I will enjoy following it!

  3. bkpyett says:

    ‘Winter’s Wish’ and ‘Lily’s Wish’, it seems we have things in common!!

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