Oops!-my Mistake!

I accidentally reblogged “The Daily Post” from WordPress last night. I apologize! (Not sure what happened? Maybe my iPad screen had a mind of its own as it often does.) I think I was scrolling through “Blogs I Follow”, and my finger pushed. . . something.

I have been staying with my dad a lot, first at the hospital and then at the sub-acute rehab center. It is an honor and a privilege, and I cherish spending time with him, always. But I think I have been more tired than usual, and was dismayed that I had reblogged something that I didn’t mean to! (I deleted it, but some people may have seen it and been confused. Or wondered if I was confused! I mean, moreso than usual.)

I hope the next time I post, it will be what I was at least trying to say! 😊


About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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7 Responses to Oops!-my Mistake!

  1. M-R says:

    What *I* found was simply a broken link, Dixie – nothing at the end of it, you know ? NO WORRIES ! I’m sure we all do that from time to time.

  2. bkpyett says:

    it intrigued me, nothing more! I hope you are resting up and that you are coping with the strain of your visits. Hospitals and rehab centres can be tiring places, with all the good will in the world!

  3. I didn’t even notice (I keep track of all the blogs I’m following via Bloglines) so don’t worry a bit about it!!!!! I hope both your father AND you are doing well!!!! -Kate

  4. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you, Kate! My dad is coming along, thank goodness. I appreciate your kind comment so much! And I really enjoyed yours and Brit’s interview on Rachel’s blog! 😘

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