These Are a Few of my Dad’s Favorite Things

mom and dad pic My dad went home Monday!! He was strong enough to leave A.G. Rhodes, the beyond-wonderful place where he received such great care and therapy. My parents have wonderful caregivers helping him, and he is HOME!

To celebrate, I decided to write a blog post about just a few of my dad’s favorite things. There are so many. . . I chose a few that came to mind easily, including one or two that, honestly, I was conveniently able to take pictures of! 🙂

sunset  My dad always told us his favorite time of day was sunset.  To me, this time of day is just the tiniest bit tinged with sadness in spite of its great beauty. Or perhaps that is part of its great beauty? He liked that it is peaceful, and quiet. No small wonder, with a stressful job that he nonetheless loved, and our house full of kids.

One of the things he especially enjoyed about this time of day was the song of the wood thrush. When we were children, he would call us to come listen to it. Now . . . I am going to attempt to “embed” a Youtube video in this post. My wonderful,l technologically gifted friend, Mary, is on vacation, alas!

He often also called us – us being my mom and all five of us “kids” LOL – to listen to his favorite songs. He bought little 45s, or sometimes albums, and we learned to love his favorites. I especially remember Glen Campbell’s version of John Hartford’s “Gentle on my Mind.” (I must confess; I had a huge crush on Glen Campbell!) 🙂 Another attempt at embedding video, here goes!

Then there were his “Saturday clothes,” (pronounced “Sa-er-dy clothes). He would put on some of the most mismatched, old, comfortable clothes and go outside to work, pick berries or plums, or artifact. I really like the concept of Saturday clothes. I have always had my own version, which I have to this day! (This old blue flannel shirt is perfect to wear while cooking, or for reading in while it is raining outside.)saaturday clothes

For years and years, picking blackberries was a favorite thing, which we shared with him, including the wild, sweet taste, the sense of accomplishment, and the nights lying awake, miserable with insect bites! My wonderful mother would make blackberry cobbler or jelly. I can still see the cheesecloth hung with dripping berries, while juice stained the cloth an impossibly beautiful dark, bright purple. blackberries

The last memory I will share illustrates one of MY favorite things ABOUT my dad, the happy fact that he shared his loves and joys with us. To this day everyone in our family, including our own children, loves so much of what he loves.

This last memory is really a little story. When I was turning fourteen, I had a spend-the-night party. Of course, we stayed up late, talking, laughing, and who knows, maybe levitating someone. My mom finally fell asleep, but my dad went upstairs to read.

When it had gotten really late, he called me to come upstairs. I thought, “Uh oh, he’s going to say he seriously means for us to pipe down!” Instead, he said, “Dixie, listen to this.” It was an Eastern screech owl, its call eerie, haunting, and beautiful in the north Georgia summer woods.

This post may be a bit light in tone. . . at a time when emotions run deep enough to undo us at any moment. My dad is more frail these days. But he is still with us, still himself. We spend a lot of time, all of us, talking about favorite things and memories. Such joy.


About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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29 Responses to These Are a Few of my Dad’s Favorite Things

  1. Joy B says:

    What a lovely post! I’m so glad your Dad is home. AG Rhodes’ staff is indeed wonderful – my mom was there for 3 months after her stroke – but there’s no place like home! Blackberries should be getting ripe, maybe you can pick some (or find some at a farmer’s market like I do) to make him a pie. My love to your family.

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Joy, thank you so much!! I am so glad you had such a good experience at A.G. Rhodes, too. They were so kind and caring. But he has perked up a lot since he has been home! Yes, I definitely want to get some berries and make a cobbler! 😊 I probably won’t pick them. . . Even though the wild ones are better! Love to you too! 💕

  2. this is beautiful. The love for your father just leaps of the page. Thank you.

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you, Maggie, so much, for being so kind!! 😊 that is so sweet of you to read and comment; it is the first post I have written in a looong time! 😍

  3. Barbara Hood says:

    Just beautiful. So very poignant!

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you so much, Barbara. I am so grateful for you in so many ways, and one of them is your wonderful friendship with my mom. It continues to be Such a blessing and help to her!! 💕

  4. YAY for your dad! What a sweet post and I love the owl story! 😀

  5. Best to you and your dad!!

  6. Martha Leatherwood says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your father?

  7. PT says:

    You couldn’t have written a more beautiful tribute to your Dad than this. That his favorite things have become your ( and your family’s) favorites is an affirmation of the love your wonderful family shares. Thank you for sharing with those of us who love each of you so much. Happy that Dallas is home! Love you, Pat

  8. bkpyett says:

    Dear Dixie, that is a wonderful and very moving account of your memories of your Father.
    I’m so glad you can share some more time with him, such a precious time together! It’s wonderful that he was well enough to come home. ❤

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you, Barbara! I am soo happy and grateful that he was able to go home-after 9 weeks, I think at times, he didn’t believe it was going to happen, and thank goodness, it did! These are definitely precious times! 💗

  9. Beautiful. Love his Saturday clothes and the owl screech. Your love for him overflows. So glad he’s better!

  10. Helen Jones says:

    Thank you for sharing some of your memories with your sweet dad. How precious those memories are and will grow in “value” as the years pass, cherish them.

  11. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you, Helen, sooo much! 😍 I loved hearing that you are planning a New England trip this fall! I can’t wait to hear about it! I have always wanted to do that! 😊

  12. Susan Young says:

    You make me cry! This is so thoughtful and sweet. I know what it’s like to take your sweet Daddy to A.G.Rhodes. We did. I miss my sweet Daddy so but he is still here with me. I have “Daddy Moments” every day when I think of him or something reminds me of him. Enjoy him and fill your days with him. Give him and your Mom a hug for me! Love you. Susan

  13. Dixie Minor says:

    Susan, thank you, so much. I am so glad to hear you still have “Daddy” moments!! That is good to hear!! I loved your daddy, as your dad, of course, and a s my doctor!! I think of him and of all of you!! We do have the BEST dads!!! You are right; I need to enjoy and be with him as much as I can. Love you! 💕

  14. pattywryle says:

    Beautiful memories. Beautiful words. Thank you!

  15. Dixie Minor says:

    Patty, thank you so much. Love you!!!

  16. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks Dixie. Heartwarming and affecting. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.

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