Learning from my Kitten

I have been a little distracted lately. Okay a lot distracted. After years of being petless, we have adopted a new kitten.We are obsessed. I’ll admit it. And, since I am rather easily distracted anyway, it doesn’t take much to divert my attention.

In this case, it has been a wonderful diversion! Plus, I am learning so much from her.

For example:

xmas Enjoy those special occasions.

stretching  Stretch when you wake up. Plenty of stretching is good for the joints.

messy Don’t worry too much about the mess.

beaz&dottie Cuddle.

adoption Love your family.

mom And your extended family. (Note from my mother, welcoming Dottie.)

helping Help others.

relaxing Learn to relax.

accessor Accessorize.

me And last but not least. . . give joy to others.

Happy New Year, everyone!


About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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25 Responses to Learning from my Kitten

  1. Welcome to the family, Dottie! You’ve hit the kittie jackpot.

  2. la_lasciata says:

    This is simply gorgeous, Dixie ! – but I have to ask: you took your cat to a shop ????? That’s bloody amazing ! I’ve never seen people walking around with their cat in a shop …

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Hi, M-R, thank you!!! This pet store partners with a local Humane Society to help with pet rescue and adoption. They don’t have any dogs or cats in their store for sale, only rescue dogs and cats. I saw this one and, well, walked out with her a few hours later. People do bring their dogs into the store on a leash when they are shopping. Don’t think I’d do that with a cat. . . 😉

  3. Judy Dendy says:

    She looks a lot like Mary Jo’s new kitten. Funny how they steal your heart so quickly.

    • Dixie Minor says:

      COMPLETELY steal your heart! You are so right! That is neat she looks like Mary Jo’s. I think tuxedos are really pretty! I hope you are doing well and I wish you a happy New Yesr! Love to you and Mary Jo and her cat!

  4. bkpyett says:

    Lovely to read of your new member of the family Dixie, and welcome to Dottie!

  5. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you so much, Barbara, for welcoming our kitty! 🙂

  6. BarbaraHood says:

    I love this cat that you have! What great comments!

    Sent from my iPad


    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you so much, Barbara! She is such a sweetie and such good company! I had forgotten how wonderful it can be to have a pet. I know YOU know that and love your sweet dog so much! ❤

  7. Must be a big, fun change full of happy responsibility. =) Congrats, D.

  8. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you, Diana! For us, being retired and petless, I think it has really been good for us! We both have plenty of things we love to do and ways to help, etc., but this is such joy, love, and taking care of someone right up close! I am loving it! Plus she is so entertaining! ❤

  9. pattywryle says:

    Dixie, this is awesome!!! Thank you! And Dottie:)!!!

  10. Dixie Minor says:

    Patty, thank you!! Dottie misses you! 😉 We love you!

  11. Well, of course! And was the most important thing you learned that you should never be catless again? 🙂 Your baby is adorable! ❤

  12. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you, Rachel! She is a joy! And funny!!! 😀

  13. Hello Dixie! I see you’ve been visiting my blog and thought I would come by to see what you’re up to…..this is just lovely. I have two cats living with me, one very old and another middle-aged. They are a joy, as you’ve plainly shown here!


    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you so much, Cynthia, and thank you for coming by! We haven’t had a pet in years, and now this kitten!! She can be like a little tornado or she can be sooo sweet or she can be so funny. We just adore her! I know you love your two.

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