Cats (again), A Friend, and a Wonderful Book

atlmdI have been kind of delinquent lately with my blogging. I haven’t blogged since – gulp – January! There are actually Christmas decorations in a picture on my last post. The shame.

In fact . . . that last post was about our new kitty, Dottie, and now we have two kitties, Dottie and Misty.dottiedesk mistymouse   This post isn’t really about them. It’s about a wonderful book that I want to review, And Then Like My Dreams, by Margaret Rose Stringer, or M-R, as she likes to be called.

Where the cats come in, is, well . . . I was hoping to post a picture of me holding the real book, not the “Save Image As”  file that I inserted at the beginning. But the cats managed to knock the book first behind, and then under, a very heavy piece of furniture that we are unable to move or see under, and so. 😦 (Perhaps I should not have left that pile of “things I need” there. Ah, well, the cats did play a role!)

And Then Like My Dreams is a memoir, a love story, and more. It is the story of M-R and her beloved husband, Chic Stringer, who met, fell in love, married, and had an incredible journey on their life together for the next thirty or so years. M-R tells of how her life changed, became something different, after meeting Chic, who was an outstanding stills photographer when everything in the film business was actually shot on film. Reading about the careers they both had in the Australian film industry was fascinating to me, but the book also describes a rich life outside the lively film business.

I was immersed in the  travels to Italy and France, the cuisine, the music, the friends, and the home they (literally) built together. I loved hearing about their lives in Australia. Interlaced with M-R’s wit and humor, the book celebrates the joy and fulfillment of loving someone as deeply as she  and Chic loved each other, as well as her honest sharing of her struggles and heartbreak.

I continue to be moved by this story, saddened so by the loss that we know from the beginning is coming, and inspired by the depths of the love these two shared. M-R’s writing about her anguish and grief at Chic’s illness and death gives even more meaning to the story of the times they shared when he was alive.

This book reminds us how brightly love can shine, how quickly life can pass, and how cherished are those moment we share with those we love. It entertained me; it moved me; it affected me deeply. It inspired me. And for that, I am grateful.

The book is published by Fremantle Press and can be found on Amazon.

On a personal note, I am privileged to call M-R a friend. Even though I have never met her in person, I have become her friend, through her blog, my blog (alas – when I blog!), and discussion and comments on other blogs. Sadly, she is leaving blogging behind, but her archived posts will be up until her birthday, July 8th. You can find them here:

Last but not least . . . a bit early, M-R, but Happy Birthday!cake  P.S. I might have eaten the cupcake after I took the picture 🙂


About Dixie Minor

A wife, mother, former Teacher, and the author of Winter Wish
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19 Responses to Cats (again), A Friend, and a Wonderful Book

  1. Barbara Hood says:

    Great review! Have missed your blogs!

  2. Dixie Minor says:

    Thank you soo much, Barbara! I am sooo happy for your good news!!! ❤ ❤

  3. bkpyett says:

    Another Barbara, welcoming you back! I’ve not been blogging as much either Dixie, life seems to get in the way. Enjoyed reading your review, as I miss M-R around the traps these days. ❤ ❤

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you, Barbara, for welcoming me back! I hope life has been treating you well these days. I also want to do a review of Lily’s Wish, but I want to wait until the fall (here) , as it’s closer to Christmas. I miss M-R too; I saw yesterday that it was her final post. 😦 I hope she gets a web site up, so we can still see her online! ❤

  4. Charlotte Moor Waldrep says:

    Great review, Dixie ! Made me want to read again and that’s a huge feat.

  5. M-R says:

    Dixie Minor ! – what a lovely surprise ! 🙂
    I had long since decided that there were no more reviews to be had of Atlmd, and how wrong I was.
    I never tire of them, you know; there could be a new one written per day and I would still be reading them with joy and wonder … Thank you, my dear friend, thank you !
    The website WILL happen, I promise: it’s just that I am so BAD at teaching myself anything. 😦
    Don’t give up on me; look for me in Google every so often …

  6. Your post has been sitting patiently in my Inbox for me to get to it. I am now sorry I took so long, Lovely review and you are not alone in missing M-R’s voice in the blogosphere.

  7. I’ve come here today because you left a lovely comment on my blog and I was suddenly reminded of the old gang at M-R-‘s blog where I once became acquainted with so many wonderful people that I have lost touch with, over time. It seems like the blog friends come to the forefront for a time and then dip back into cyberspace and we lose touch. Sometimes there’s a re-connection, and sometimes not. I ‘m still on the radar with MoSY and Mary of Oil Pastels, beeblu, Yvonne, Susanne and Outlier Babe….I guess Barbara Pyett is on a long break….but I do miss M-R very much, and hope that whatever she’s up to, she is well and thriving. Your review of her book is a fine one. I wrote a review for her, too, but it was long ago and on one of her different blog incarnations that is probably now floating out in space! Anyway, thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope 2016 is so far being a good new year—and will continue to be–for you!

    • Dixie Minor says:

      Thank you, Cynthia! I did so enjoy those days on M-R’s blog, reading her posts and the comments, and all the interaction. I really miss her, too! I have been away from blogging and am trying to come back, a bit, as time allows. I enjoy it VERY much and miss the other people and the sharing when I am away! But, as always, time is the thing. My parents need me more these days, and I am so glad I live near them and can spend time with them. As I look around on WordPress, I am definitely missing some of the old gang! 😦 Thank you of sharing the bloggers you are in touch with; I will enjoy visiting them as well as some of the others whose blogs I always enjoyed. I am also trying to write a book, so that takes time, but I love it. . . mostly. 😉

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